Updating fedora kernel good link not updating calendar after re prov

Posted by / 22-Jan-2018 04:14

Updating fedora kernel

Hello Right now i am running Fedora 19 with all updates and since I have a Radeon HD 8970M, I am forced to use the Catalyst Driver since the open source driver doesnt support my graphic card.

As for installing packages from other repos without permanently enabling them, I would just add the repository you need, disable all your usual repositories (if necessary), perform the updates you want, and then disable the new repository and re-enable all the others (if necessary).

We will be enabling this as part of the next phase. Instead, please watch for an announcement that will be sent to the translators mailing list.

Hi, Today I updated fedora from 3.17.4-301.fc21.x86_64 kernel to the latest version and my system won't boot.

Personally, if I were you and I desperately needed to keep GNOME, I'd try running Fedora 20 but excluding GNOME updates by adding the relevant packages to the exclude= line in the [main] section of /etc/

That way you keep current, but you can still use GNOME.

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Speaking of which, are these drivers installed now, or are you using the default drivers after the reinstallation? randomuser All right I've managed to resolve this issue.

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