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If any of the following caution signs exist in your relationship, we recommend you talk about the situation as soon as possible. Your fiancé seems irrationally jealous whenever you interact with someone of the opposite sex. You avoid discussing certain subjects because you’re afraid of your fiancé’s reaction. Your fiancé finds it extremely difficult to express emotions. (These can be out of control anger exaggerated fear.) Or his or her emotions are swinging back and forth between emotional extremes. He or she controls your appearance, your lifestyle, your interactions with friends or family, etc. He or she constantly criticizes you or talks sarcastically to you. He or she frequently borrows money from you or friends. Your fiancé often talks about imagined aches and pains. That is done until he or she finds someone who will agree that he or she is seriously ill. If your fiancé has ever threatened to hit you or actually struck you, this is a warning sign of future abuse.

Do so with a pastor, counselor or mentor BEFORE you consider marrying. (He or she could be very happy one minute, then suddenly exhibiting extreme sadness the next). Your fiancé seems to manipulate you into doing what he or she wants. You are continuing the relationship because of fear. Or you fear what he or she might do if you ended the relationship. If he or she puts you down or continually criticizes you, this is a sign of emotional abusiveness. Your fiancé displays signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

Whether the single people involved include a senior dating couple, single parents or college students, the top three reasons daters give for overstaying a romantic or dating relationship remain unchanged: Overall, remember the Lord is the one ultimately in charge of your dating relationship, and He promises to meet your every need (Phil. He will lead you to the right person as you surrender to Him, but He also wants us to use our common sense.

So use the above dating tips as common sense advice to help guide your dating relationship.

And/or there is the smell of alcohol or strong odor of mouthwash. (He or she may be changing just to win you and will revert back to old habits after marriage.) Do you recognize any of these caution signs in your relationship? If so, we recommend you talk about the situation as soon as possible with a pastor, counselor or mentor.My friend who was asking the question asked another, ? She then talked with the girls about 5 red flags to look for before entering a dating or courting relationship with a guy. Does he consider himself a failure and seem to be looking for a rescuer? I thought these great questions could help everyone avoid getting into a situation that could lead to heart and disappointment!For more, sign up for our FREE daily devotion Visit and create a free account with the email address you use to leave comments on blogs and other websites.Anyone that doesn’t like children or pets is a red flag for sure as far as having a dating relationship with them. This could also apply to substance abuse like marijuana or other drugs.If someone tends to drink a little too much, this is a huge red flag because if they drink and drive, they create a deadly potential. Does the person you are dating or thinking about dating have well-stocked alcohol supplies at home? Do you often smell alcohol on their breath even if you haven’t seen them drinking? If someone can’t go one day without alcohol or illegal substances then that is someone you should not even be dating.

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The premature bond this type of intimacy creates will make it difficult for you to make needed changes in your relationship or to break it off.

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