Problems updating ipod touch software

Posted by / 11-Jan-2018 22:17

I have discovered there are a number of people with issues with their Ford My Ford Touch system.

(Note that if you choose to encrypt your backup using i Tunes, along with normal data, secure information like passwords etc.

The i Phone and i Pod touch are revolutionary devices which can perform a seemingly unlimited amount of tasks, but some new users may not be aware they can do even more to improve their overall user experience.

With the i Phone selling like hotcakes all across the world, millions of people are becoming familiar with and learning just how powerful Apple’s Multi-Touch platform really is.

2.) Web Clips Similar to what you can do on a Mac with Dashboard, Safari on the i Phone & i Pod touch lets you add a web page to your home screen.

When viewing a web page, press the button on the bottom of the screen to bring up the following options: Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, and Mail Link to this Page.

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Since the My Ford Touch introduction in 2011, some Ford owners have experienced problems.

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