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” Wright had recently moved to the Atlanta suburbs, but he was in Memphis on this day, as he often was. Most of his friends lived there and most of his family, including his six kids—four sons and two daughters—then ages four to 15.This time he’d gone back to attend his sister’s baby shower.As of April 2017, 7,984 kits have been analyzed and 3,019 are currently at the laboratory awaiting testing.

Everyone’s needs are different, and important too – we’re better moms when we’re happy! Would be great to have a weekend “Places to Go” report, like the daily things to do with kids posted on this site!!During the summer of 2013, the City of Memphis announced that it had a backlog of 12,164 untested rape kits.That fall, former Mayor AC Wharton issued an executive order instructing the police to develop a plan for clearing the backlog as quickly as possible and to provide monthly progress reports.A mom asked: “Several single moms(40-50 yrs old) looking for places in East Memphis or midtown for “socializing”…somewhere in between meat market and boring! Walrus last weekend at Swanky’s was the scene we like…I highly recommend!!!! Neil’s on Quince near Lynnfield is scheduled to open in the next week or two and should be a great place to go!” Here’s what the moms had to say: Have to go downtown for this one, but the Rumba Room is really, really fun. I am not single, but I have been to Salsa many a time for dinner and they have live music and a lot of singles on Wednesday nights.

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