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One day, we were talking about intelligence—what composes it, how it’s manifest, agreeing that academic aptitude alone is not what propels civilization forward.I wondered aloud if all great ideas didn’t have some fundamental emotional source, like the Wright brothers’ impulse to fly, for example.Then, invariably, we would head out for a late-afternoon hike on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific and sit there for a while, the vastness of the ocean an open platform for our free-floating conversations.

” It was the most obvious thing in the world—and revelatory—but it had never occurred to me before."The spectacle leaves those who have the privilege to visit filled with admiration." On this particular day, Jedrzejewski and a group of astonished onlookers witnessed three males battling it out for the right to breed with one female.It's no easy task: female right whales are known to go belly-up in an attempt to keep their genitals away from unwanted suitors.Assembled on the wall was a grid of small film stills he had made from his family’s home movies, the beginning of his series “Pictures From Home.” When I’d walk in, he’d be standing there, staring at the grid, sipping a little Scotch, moving a few pictures around, having himself some fun.We might talk for a while about the cinematic rhythm of the grid, the psychological clues residing in this scavenged record of his childhood, or about whether this kind of personal documentation had any cultural relevance at all.

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Chief Justice Roberts wrote the Court’s opinion, finding that Congress intended for subsidies to flow on the federal Exchange.

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