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Proverbs teaches that there is wisdom in using a multiplicity of counselors, so also discuss the possibility of a break up with trusted Christian friends.

They may very well give you some much needed advice that helps you make a decision, or puts the relationship in a completely different light. Never bash your dating partner personally, which will only hurt them even more and affect their self worth for quite some time. Instead, tenderly explain why you feel God’s leading you to end the relationship.

Some people are good thinking on their feet, and some aren’t. Even in the act of breaking up, you need to be thoughtful, gracious, and loving towards the other person (Eph. If you are not sure how to do this, find an older, godly Christian man or woman and ask for help. Don’t use the advice of a pastor, close friend, parent, or counselor as a trump card. We read in 1 Corinthians 13:7 that love “believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” We can’t peer into others' hearts, judge their motives, and conclude that they were being malicious. Most of the church is not thinking as much about it as you are, so when people ask how your life is, feel free to share other things.I spent so much time focusing on the relationship and my boyfriend’s desires that I neglected my own. I had this vision in my head for a long time about my future with this man, and it was hard to picture life being single again.I was so invested in the relationship that I wasn’t sure who I was apart from it anymore.It became increasingly difficult when he suddenly decided he didn’t want to think about engagement for a few more years and that he was unwilling to relocate.I felt like I was being asked to make all the sacrifices. It’s tempting to neglect other areas of your life and let being in a relationship consume your energies.

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