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The reality There is a panel comprised of five stone reliefs in the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, Egypt that shows the mythical depiction of lotus flower spawning a snake held aloft by a djed pillar.

The mythical symbols The lotus is the symbol of creation, life, and birth in Egyptian religion and spirituality (Pinch 2004).

The field surrounding Ra’s snake form is referred to in ancient Egyptian literature as protective magical energy in liquid form that all gods and pharaohs possess (Faulkner 1970).

The temple The Temple of Hathor, where the panel is situated, was constructed during the Graeco-Roman period at about 332-395 CE, and is one of the best preserved temples of the period in Egypt.

“Imagine that the tons of metal waste discarded every year could be used to provide energy storage for the renewable energy grid of the future, instead of becoming a burden for waste processing plants and the environment,” said Cary Pint, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University.(Daniel Dubois / Vanderbilt University) To make such a future possible, Pint headed a research team that used scraps of steel and brass – two of the most commonly discarded materials – to create the world’s first steel-brass battery that can store energy at levels comparable to lead-acid batteries while charging and discharging at rates comparable to ultra-fast charging supercapacitors.The research team, which consists of graduates and undergraduates in Vanderbilt’s interdisciplinary materials science program and department of mechanical engineering, describe this achievement in a paper titled “From the Junkyard to the Power Grid: Ambient Processing of Scrap Metals into Nanostructured Electrodes for Ultrafast Rechargeable Batteries” published online this week in the journal ACS Energy Letters.Compared to modern batteries, the voltage is pretty wimpy, but for the ancient world, it would've been a shocker.If you've got an electronic device, you need power either in the form of a cable or a battery.

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